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How to buy a Yacht without making expensive mistakes

Seven Steps to Buying a YachtAfter delivering new and second-hand yachts for new owners and hearing stories of things they'd got wrong, an experienced delivery skipper decided to put pen to paper.  The result is a guide to buying a new or second hand yacht that may well help prospective yacht owners save a considerable amount of money. It's available on Amazon (link here).

The book takes the reader through all the possible pitfalls of buying a yacht.  It looks at the kind of sailing you want to do, what your budget is, what the hidden expenses might cost you, what hull shape and sail plan will suit you, and what kind of equipment you might need.  There's even a section written by new owners about their own experiences.

It's already becoming a best seller on Amazon with five star reviews, and at only just over £3 isn't going to break the bank.  It's available here.


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