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How to avoid expensive mistakes when you buy a new or second-hand yacht. 

Available on Amazon here


Icom IC-M35We review the Icom IC-M35 handheld.  Read the full review here.

GMDSS A User's Handbook

By Denise Bréhaut

GMDSS A user's handbook








The Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS) provides a fast and efficient way of calling for assistance at sea, whatever the size of craft or its geographical position. Since it was first published, this book has helped explain the system for anyone using GMDSS and has been excellent pre-course reading for students.



SafaSail HatThe SafaSail Hard Hat looks just like a sailing cap, but will help protect you if you get a bang to the head.  See our review here


New Icom Handheld launched

The first ever sample of a new Icom handheld VHF/DSC was shown at the London Boatshow 2016. Flown in especially from Osaka, Japan, the new product, called the IC-M93D is the next stage of evolution for a VHF/DSC handheld!

One of the most striking things to hit you about this new radio is the size and its elegant design. This radio measure only 145mm tall and weighs just 310g. Despite its size, the IC-M93D features an impressive 2.4 inch high contrast dot matrix, backlit LCD display which will allow all functions/information to be easily viewed. Add into the mix, Icom’s menu driven functionality and you have a radio that is easy to see and use whether you are cruising in calm waters, or sailing in rough conditions.

The IC-M93D features some top features incorporated on other Icom radios including active noise cancelling technology which uses a digital processor to reduce background noise making sure your call is clearly heard.

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Icom's New IC-M25 Marine VHF

Great features mixed with style are the traits of Icom’s new buoyant marine VHF radio which floats and flashes when dropped into the water. Sporting an elegant slim design, this new model has the lightest body in the market for a floating VHF radio….just 220g. New for an Icom, this new radio has a tidy USB connector for convenient charging from a variety of electronic devices!

Available in two colours, metallic grey and marine blue, the IC-M25 buoyant marine VHF is extremely comfortable to handle. Its large LCD display and laser cut, curved shape buttons are well laid out and provide simple and straightforward operation. In fact, the IC-M25 LCD screen is 30% larger than its predecessor, the IC-M23, allowing you to clearly see the channel number and status icons.

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Henri Lloyd Elite Therm Mid Layer

Henri Lloyd’s Elite Therm Mid Layer combination is the best ever and most effective mid layer Henri Lloyd have ever produced.

The fully waterproof jacket and salopettes can be used on it's own for 100% waterproof protection in light spray conditions or as part of the layering system.

The jacket features a Primaloft lining which ensures warmth without weight, keeping you in your comfort zone for longer.

Both the jacket and the salopettes offer extreme breathability, which transports perspiration and condensation from the inside out, thus keeping you in your comfort zone.

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Henri Lloyd 'Elite' Salopettes under review

Contributors to Sailers are all working yacht skippers and we get asked to review all sorts of sailing equipment.  But, just occasionally, we come across something that’s so good that we wonder how we’ve ever managed without it.

That was our response when we tried out the lightweight Salopettes from the new Henri Lloyd Offshore Elite range.  I had thought that perhaps this was a bit of a 'gimmick', but there were several factors that, in our view, put this range of offshore clothing into the very top bracket of weather gear for cruising yachtsmen.

First of all, these are seriously light weight. Henri Lloyd claim they’re 30% lighter than the ‘best in class’ predecessors. That sounds a lot, but believe me, it feels even better than it sounds. 

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Remote Yacht Monitoring






Worried about water ingress when you're away?  Or strangers on board?  Or the state of the batteries?

Using a simple Android 'phone, a custom-built App, a 'black box' and a few low-cost sensors, an Oxford Scientist, Dr Martin Lambert, has come up with a new low-cost way of monitoring your yacht when you're not there.

For well under £250 you can receive an email twice a day giving you a raft of information about what's going on. The App is free, and he'll even provide the phone and set it up for you.

It can tell you whether the yacht has been moved (or stolen), whether there's water getting in, what the battery state is, and can even send you a picture of the yacht's interior when you ask for one.  Using one of the optional sensors, you can even turn equipment on and off remotely.  It's all there, and much more besides. And it won't cost you an arm and a leg.  For full details, visit his comprehensive website at  

If any of our readers decides to try this out, we'd love to hear what you think of the kit...

The Commodore Deck Shoe from Chatham

There are two reasons why people buy deck shoes.  

The first is a fashion statement; wearing deck shoes gives the impression of a life lived in the fast lane of brand-aware, high status yachting.

The second (which actually gives rise to the first) is that proper deck shoes really are designed for a purpose: to be the safe and correct footwear for use on board a yacht.  In other words, they're the right tool for the job. And as far as I'm concerned (and I'm a yacht delivery skipper), to do their job properly, deck shoes need several specific qualities:

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New Breathable Waterproof Boots from Gill

Gill, the company that specialises in technical sailing gear, has just brought out two new specialist sailing boots.

The new breathable boot is the most technical breathable waterproof footwear that Gill has ever produced.

"We have invested in two years of research and constant testing to create the ultimate breathable waterproof durable sailing boot", says Siobhan Hardy. "Using a unique combination of a tough TPU lightweight moulding for the foot bed in conjunction with our breathable laminate membrane we have created the two key factors of complete waterproofness and the comfort of breathability".

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